My husband and I have always been epicurean in outlook; in fact, on one of our first dates he cooked for me, and he had me at the first mouthful!  Equally, healthy eating and living has always been of interest, though often difficult to pursue due to our hectic lifestyles.  Now married, with three young children, I collect cookbooks, and love trying new foods, although my husband remains the real creative genius in the kitchen.   I can follow a recipe and produce a decent meal, but he can look in an empty fridge, and come up with something delicious and healthy.  Generally, I cook for our children and our evening meal, that he and I share when the children are in bed,  is a collaboration.  I source the ingredients, help sous-chef and he improvises something delicious.  We love eating out too; there are some great local restaurants around the Barnes, Sheen and Richmond areas.  We eat out in central London once or twice a month as well.

Four years ago, after our third child was born, I decided to formalise my interests by training at the Institute of Optimum Nutrition in Richmond, Surrey.  I have recently graduated with a Foundation Degree and Diploma in Nutritional Therapy with Merit, and set up my own Nutritional Therapy and Lifestyle Consultancy in Sheen, South West London.

I strongly believe that it is important both for the planet, and for our own wellbeing, to try to eat seasonal, local foods as much as possible.  Of course, it’s not always possible to do this, and many of the recipes I use require the addition of exotic or recherché ingredients, and that is fine from time to time.  It is good to be aware of the origins of the produce you use, though.  Exercise your choice to buy British; supermarkets are now good at labelling the origin of their produce; go to your local greengrocer and tell him you want to buy British or try your local Farmer’s Market.  Find out where your meat comes from and buy the best you can afford,  organic if you can.  It is better for your health (a post about this soon).

Healthy eating is compatible with enjoyable, day-to-day life. Life is too short to deprive yourself of the pleasures of good food and drink.  I hope this blog will help you see that food and drink can be indulgent, delicious, satisfying and nutritious.


If you would like to book a consultation, at your home or mine, please give me a call or drop me an e-mail at Natalie Harris Nutrition.

I am a member of British Association of Nutritional Therapists (BANT), the Complementary and Natural Health Care Council (CNHC) and the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM)

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